5 Mentoring Myths

Mentoring is an important process that can have a significant impact on the development and success of the mentees. Despite its importance, myths about mentoring persist and can prevent organizations from taking advantage of this valuable resource. In this blog, we will dispel some of the most common mentoring myths.

Here a 5 Mentoring Myths you’ve probably heard of:

  1. You can’t be a mentor and a mentee

Of course you can! It is possible for someone to be a mentor and mentee. This can give the individual the chance to gain insights from both perspectives.

  1. You can’t be a mentor early into your career

This is not the case. There is no age limit for those wanting to be a mentor. So what if you just started your career? You and your mentee can both learn at the same time. You might even have a different or better perception of things then someone who has been in the same business for 10 years!

  1. Mentoring stops once you meet your goal

Mentoring relationships can continue long after the mentee achieves their goals! In fact, many mentors report that they learn just as much from their protégés as they teach them. This mutual learning can be extremely beneficial for both parties involved and can help to further develop the skills of both mentor and mentee.

  1. You only need one mentor

Mentoring is one of the most important relationships in a young person’s life. You need as many mentors as you can get your hands on. Each mentor will bring something different to the table, so it’s important to have variety.

  1. Mentoring is time-consuming

Mentoring is often seen as a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Done correctly, mentoring can be a short, productive conversation that helps the protégé and the mentor learn from each other.

A good mentor/mentee relationship can be very productive in a short amount of time. In fact, most mentors would agree that having shorter conversations with their mentee on a more regular basis is more beneficial than longer conversations less often.

You’ll be a great mentor! Start mentoring today.