The Story of HOPCP Charity

HOPCP Charity started with humble beginnings. The organization began as a youth based movement and grew into what it is today. Here is a recap!



The Spread the Love Campaign

Spread the love movement started with 15 students who had a dream of starting a movement that engaged youth to take action on issues in their community that they are passionate about. The group came together and build a community of over 600 youth in the span of a month to contribute in a fundraiser for the Zawadi La Tumaini Foundation.



Helping Our People Enterprise

After building a successful campaign and engaging over 600 youth. The team of youth decided to take it to the next level and start a T-shirt brand that raised money for local charities and initiatives. 


2014 - 2015

Helping Our People Enterprise - Rebrand

After raising some money for various Charities and Causes, the HOPE team decided to take on Leadership programming to inspire young people that they can make a difference in their community. Connecting with local empowerment organizations in the Jane and Finch Community, the HOPE team changed it’s vision from selling products, to making an impact through programming.



Helping Our People Community Projects - Phase 1

The was the turning point for HOPE. Instead of going down the social enterprise route, the HOPE team decided to convert to a Charity. No longer selling products or services, the core values changed to Inspire those who dare to dream, through programs and initiatives, circling back the the mission of the Spread the Love Movement with the addition of empowering young people to look inwards to the leader within.



Helping Our People Community Projects - Current

HOPCP officially obtained Charitable Status on January of 2017. It was a magical time for the organization. HOPCP has changed the lives of hundreds of youth in the pasts few years. We continue to carry on the mission of Inspiring those who Dare to Dream in innovative new ways, shaking up the Non-Profit landscape. Our goal is to help as many people as we can to carve a solid path to their goals and dreams. We aspire to show people that they are all leaders, and to look within at the amazing person they are. 

Helping Our People Community Projects
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Charitable Registration: 812831592 RR 0001 

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