Introducing our new

Dream Builders Summer Camp

Giving young people the most unique opportunity in Ontario.

We provide a Free Camping Experience!

We believe that every child is a dreamer, a creator, and a leader in the making. Our carefully curated programs are designed to inspire, nurture, and empower. From innovative workshops that ignite creativity to activities that foster critical thinking and life skills, we provide the tools for success. The best part is this camp is at no cost to the participant – we don’t want cost to be a barrier for those deserving campers!

It's 1 Week Long - But will last a Lifetime

Streams Offered

Entrepreneurship Stream

Embark on a journey of innovation and business acumen with our Entrepreneurship Stream. Here, aspiring visionaries develop the skills and mindset needed to bring their ideas to life. Through workshops, mentorship, and hands-on projects, participants learn the art of entrepreneurship, from ideation to execution. Join us and turn your passion into a thriving venture.

Artists, Musicians & Photographers Stream

Unleash your creativity and artistic expression in our Arts Stream. From visual arts to performing arts, this stream is a canvas for imagination. Our expert instructors guide participants through various techniques, allowing them to explore and hone their talents. Join us in this vibrant community of artists and let your creativity flourish.

Social Justice Stream

Be a catalyst for change in our Social Justice Stream. Engage in meaningful discussions, advocacy, and hands-on projects that address critical social issues. Participants gain a deep understanding of social justice principles and learn how to advocate for positive change in their communities. Together, we strive for a more inclusive and equitable world.

Single Mothers' Empowerment Camp

Supporting single mothers on their journey towards empowerment, this camp offers a holistic approach to personal and professional growth. Participants gain essential life skills, leadership abilities, and financial literacy. In a nurturing and supportive environment, we provide the tools and resources needed to thrive. Join us and build a brighter future for you and your family.


HOPCP will be hosting the Dream Builders Summer Camp at Cedar Ridge - Madawaska Highlands! We are currently raising funds to support the camp program! Be sure to subscribe for updates on this amazing venture!