HOPCP’s Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program

Ready to learn more about Digital Marketing? Well, here’s a program that’s perfect for you. Let me introduce you to HOPCP’s Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program. 

What is it?

This program is designed to empower youth in the digital media marketing realm. It is curated to educate youth on how to effectively use the content for promoting a business. This program has had over 250 participants, which are 80% women, during the duration of 7 cohorts. 

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Foundations

This 3 part chapter teaches participants the foundations of digital marketing, which includes:

  1. Knowing your goal and objectives
  2. Knowing your competitor
  3. How your business is different

Chapter 2: Importance of data 

In this chapter, participants will get to learn about analytics (demographics, the right times to post, and engagement rates), crafting experience, and branding and consistency.

Chapter 3: Content Creation – Content Calendar

In this chapter, you’ll learn about how to schedule content created in a Social media content calendar. With a social media content calendar, you’ll be able to list dates and times to publish different types of content on different social media platforms. Participants will also learn about different applications and tools.

Chapter 4: Networking (inbound/outbound)

Learning how to keep a connection to your users will be taught in this chapter through engagement strategies.

Chapter 5: Action Plan

This is the chapter that will put your skills to the test! During a 60 day guided programming, participants will apply their learning to a campaign. They’ll work with team members to create, grow, and analyze their clients social media accounts. 

All this might seem a bit overbearing, but I promise that throughout this program, you’ll make many connections, build relationships, and become a Digital Media marketing expert!

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