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Due to COVID-19, we have a limited number of events and have converted our workshops to abide by the Covid-19 restrictions and protocol. See below for programs!

for women by women

Empowering women to grow themselves & their brands into the sustainable business & dream lifestyle they’ve always envisioned.

A mastermind is a group of likeminded members (in our case – women with a brand, business, and/or project idea) with similar goals who all come together to share, support, expand, and grow through the guidance of expert coaching and best-in-class training.

Influentielle Mastermind members work on their own entrepreneurial endeavours alongside one another, learning valuable skills from various coaches & experts to grow towards their business goals, all while being kept on track and making valuable lifelong connections.

The Influentielle Mastermind Program is a three-part e-learning hybrid comprised of:

Online Training


Full membership site with modules teaching best-in-class mindset, marketing & sales tools + practices

Group Coaching


Access to expert coaches within an intimate group of fellow business owners meeting live

1 on 1 Mentorship


Each entrepreneurs receives individualized feedback & support to address their unique business needs

the curriculum

a 12 week group coaching program

your self

part 1

At the end of this 1st part, members will know exactly where they’re going and what their next steps are, as well as feel so aligned with their vision. Members will have defined their:

  • why + vision, using the principles of the Infinite Game Mentality
  • personal + brand values to guide their decisions & focus points
  • annual strategy plan with their yearly objectives to reach
  • quarterly goal plan, with exact breakdown of major milestones
  • daily optimal structure, their healthy habits & Priority Actions of the Day
  • belief in themselves + their vision using NLP exercises to reprogram thought patterns

your brand

part 2

At the end of the 2nd part, members will have a full understanding of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem, and will have optimized their online brand presence by defining their:

  • full digital presence, & the strategy in which their brand will show up online
  • social media content strategy utilizing our signature content planning matrix
  • visual branding identity by creating a cohesive & memorable brand
  • brand voice & messaging via persuasive copywriting for their customer avatar(s)
  • social media growth strategy leveraging platform’s best practices & algorithm
  • partnerships & collab opportunities & create their perfect pitch + follow up system


your profit

part 3

By the end of the program, members will have identified their monetization strategy by defining & optimizing their sales channels by defining their:

  • sales mindset so they reprogram themselves to sell their product with confidence
  • online sales strategy: lead gen, consumer nurturing, & the points of conversions through exploring email marketing, media buying & ads, DM strategies, etc.
  • sales channels to optimize for their style & product (i.e. sales call training + scripts)
  • funnels & automations needed to create an automated system that takes cold traffic to trusting the brand via a strategically designed consumer journey map


our team

expert teachers in the program

Cassandra Drake

Mastermind Founder & Main Mentor, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programmer) Practioner, Certified Life + Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, & Digital Strategist.

With a decade of experience developing brands & Digital Strategy for international corporations & agencies. Cassie now applies the dual skillset in mindset work + digital marketing to progress women-led businesses in an under-serviced sector to help them succeed in a world that has tried to suppress their growth.

industry experts


words from our participants

Tati P.
Author & Astrologist
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honestly feel like I'm a completely different person after entering this program, which makes me feel amazing. Like I feel like I'm just much more myself. I just feel like I went through so many changes, my personal sense of self as well as like my business is crazy to me in the last three months.
Eden A. W.
Mindset Coach
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“I entered the program because I wanted the collaboration aspect of working with likeminded people. So coming into the group was fantastic - the women that came together fit so nicely together. The cross aspects of skill set really helped to create a beautiful collective. To have to sense that sense of community especially when dealing with likeminded things keeps you really motivated.”
Jenn L.
Gym Owner
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"I prayed on this, like "am I doing this and is this really gonna take me to the next level?" And it definitely has. Like the fact that I signed up two clients in November was a big deal, the fact that all these influencers are coming to me and I'm not reaching out to them. Aspects like that where I'm like "wow this investment in coaching for my business is definitely a return in investment with people wanting me to coach them for their lives."
Owner of Staging Company
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"My biggest shift was I'm just more clear. I think the exercises & habits helped, I think the push with you guys, and I just have the right team in place. And that makes me feel really confident. Where I've been for a very long time I felt like I was in this alone. And that was a shitty feeling. But you showed me there's like this other side of connection that I just didn't think I had."


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