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Social Media 30 Day Crash Course


This course is designed to teach participants about social media marketing and its importance in today’s world. We have researched and explored various platforms to help participants easily understand basics of social media marketing and its related strategies. This course is curated to educate on how to effectively use the content for promoting the business. Today social media marketing is high in demand, as all business participants are using digital platforms to promote their business and brands.

To know your Goals and objectives/Knowing your cause:

The most important step in social media marketing is to establish the objective and goal of your business. Without an objective, you will not be able to measure your success.

The objective must be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

To Know your target market, you should take the following into consideration:

  • Age
  • Location
  • average income
  • Typical job title or industry
  • Interests

 To know your competitor:

It is very important to know your competitor in the market and their social media activities because it helps to understand their online strategies. This also helps you to understand the expectation of the customers from your industry and how can you set your social media tactics according to it.

How your business is different:

The Competitive analysis of your business shows how you are doing different in the market. Your business may be different either in product and services or in some business strategy. If your business is doing great in any of this area it means you can achieve more social media goals than your competitor.

a) Analytics: Social media analytics helps to show which tactics and strategies of your social media campaigns are working, and which aren’t. This helps to save your time, effort, and budget. 

  1. Time to post: This data helps you to focus on your social media post on specific times and occasion which helps to efficiently reach more customers.
  2. Demographics: It is used to identify and classify target audience according to their age, gender, interest, and other categories.
  3. Engagement rates: It is a metric that helps to measure the level of engagement on a specific piece of created content on social media.

b) Crafting experience: 

Creating the experience for your audience, from contact to their life cycle.

c) Branding:

An act of creating company image through social media platform and its strategies.

d) Consistency:

Consistency play an important role in successful branding. To be recognized among your customers you need to be consistent. Being consistent in your brands helps to achieve more customer engagement and reach.

Social media content Calendar:

Social media content calendar list out the dates and times at which you will publish types of content on different social media channel. It helps to plan your all social media activities like images and link sharing to blog posts and videos. It includes both day-to-day posting and content for your social media campaigns.

Application and Tools:

Content is an essential part of social media marketing. Using the right content creation tools and application helps to increase and enhance user engagement and drive business for your brand.

Engagement strategies:

It includes a positive emotional connection with your user. Business that focus on building Social media engagement can benefit from better marketing reach and a successful brand awareness that helps to attract new customers easily.

a. Next Steps – 30 Day Action Plan

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Participants since June
Anisa R.
Anisa R.
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Learned so much! I am glad I took this course, so informative! I'm already using what I learned on my profiles.
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There are those who seek to gain power through the use of influence, complexity and self-entitlement. There are those who gain power from using their dominance, desire for division and fervor for submission. There are some, not too many and very so few who use their voice, simplicity and compassion with no more intent than to guide us. Shazard is one of the few. He offered a workshop designed for immediate captivation with his simple goal: empowering us with information. Saying his presentation was engaging would be an understatement, it was equal amongst all thirty of us and it was reflective, relatable. His unique but, modern approach, his brutal honesty and his clumsy understanding about different make up products sparked my initial interest in his presentation. During his workshop I did not even check my phone once and I was not distracted. Do you remember the last time you attended a workshop without checking your phone?
Jasmin Singh
Jasmin Singh
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It was insightful for us to be a part of this workshop. I recently started a community project and was able to use the skills Shazard Ramjohn taught us. Specifically, how to keep track of response rates and advertising.
Ashley Beerdat
Ashley Beerdat
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I learned the power of data analytics to understand what type of content and times are best to reach your target audience. Shazard provided a clear and concise presentation going through where to find and read data statistics on social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. This workshop allowed me to gain a better understanding of what are the most popular times to post for sharing specific content and how to maximize audience reach by using links, tags and keywords. Shazard's social media advice was very practical and will greatly benefit me in my professional life.

Digital Marketing Internship

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My journey as a marketer with HOPCP has been really fantastic. I always wanted to be a part of a Charity Organisation that really wanted to make some changes in the community and that's when I met the team at HOPCP. Their vision and brilliant ideas about marketing fascinated me and made me understand deeper about the industry. HOPCP has a very bright future ahead, and I am sure, all that we have learned through our journey will help us reach there.

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