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“If there is one thing we have all shared in common throughout the Pandemic; it’s that we have all struggled, in some new way, shape or form.”

The WhatMATRS? Project provides health programming via education, movement, and mindfulness events enacted in accessible public spaces to increase the wellbeing of communities disproportionately affected COVID-19.

Some, much more so than others. And when our mental wellbeing becomes unstable, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to function well in other aspects of our lives.

So we’ve created the WhatMATRS? Experience Series to help improve the overall wellbeing of those struggling with the mental impacts of COVID-19. Our program provides movement, mindfulness, and educational experiences, tools & resources to bring awareness to these impacts and increase mental wellbeing within individuals.

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Canadians aged 18-34 are feeling increased stress or anxiety since COVID-19.

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Are feeling more lonely or isolated due to physical & social distancing.

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Fear telling their friends about mental health issues, fearing they would be treated differently.





We begin all our sessions with an educational component led by our Mental Health First Aid-certified instructors to bring awareness to the often misunderstood and stigmatized signs of everyday mental health issues that someone may experience such as stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.

Note: no diagnosis are made, & attendees are encouraged to seek professional help.


Our expert instructors lead the group in a movement session, ranging from yoga to pilates to dance, depending on the attendees demographic & nature of the event.

Note: we aim to make this as accessible as possible to various levels of mobility.


We close our experiences with a mindfulness practice, guided by a certified Mindset Coach, who guide attendees through a safe & seated practice to elevate their mentality.

our amazing sponsors

Each of our event experiences require extensive planning & facilitation, and would not be made possible without the support of our generous sponsors. Thank you for the provisions, in-kind donations, and time, but most of all, thank you for believing in our mission and in turn, supporting so many in need! Please check each sponsor out for more information below:

Autumn H.
Autumn H.
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“This is so amazing. I feel so relaxed, & I feel amazing. Everyone needs to do this, and I want to come to all of them.”
Amanda Ducati
Amanda Ducati
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This made such a difference in my mental health. Thank you for the opportunity to participate!


What MATRS Experiences, are fully funded by our amazing Supporters, and Partners. We need your help to continue this great work, and impact more lives seeking our help. With your help, you can aid in changing someone’s life.


Your Donations will go directly towards sponsoring spots for individuals in need of these experiences – namely, women & business owners whose mental wellbeing has been deeply affected by COVID-19. Their sources of stress included that they were feeling loneliness/isolated (28%), uncertain, and financially insecure, with 55% worried about cash flow (source: Canadian Entrepreneur Mental Health and Well-Being Report by BDC, May 2021). As such, access to support tools have become limited. 

In order to facilitate these sessions, donations will go towards the programming & event facilitation including: venue rental fees, paying the instructors, support staff, as well as miscellaneous materials needed such as health screening measures & permits. All funds raised go directly towards the not-for-profit WhatMATRS Project by HOPCP Charity. Donations over $25 CAD receive a charitable tax receipt.

In the past year alone, women entrepreneurs were significantly more likely to feel depressed (51%) than Male entrepreneurs and 40% admit that mental health challenges interfered with their ability to work, therefore also affecting their ability to earn. 

As we stretched well into the COVID-19 pandemic, more individuals within our communities experienced a decline in their overall wellbeing. In specifically working with women creatives & entrepreneurs, we were seeing firsthand how COVID-19 was affecting their health, and therefore their ability to work. Their sources of stress included that they were feeling loneliness/isolated (28%), uncertain, and financially insecure, with 55% worried about cash flow (source: Canadian Entrepreneur Mental Health and Well-Being Report by BDC, May 2021).

According to the same above report, physical activity is the most frequent & effective means used for dealing with mental health issues (47%) on the personal side, as well as 22% saying practicing gratitude.

Furthermore, advancing women’s equality in Canada has the potential to add $150 billion in incremental GDP in 2026, (a 0.6% increase to annual GDP). 

Essentially; we need women to be feeling mentally strong enough in order to be able to show up for themselves, their families, their work, and ultimately our economy.

When a woman wins, we all do.


Due to COVID-19, we have a limited number of events and have converted our workshops to abide by the Covid-19 restrictions and protocol. 

our amazing locations

Each of our event experiences are meticulously chosen. We make sure to provide the most engaging experiences, and locations to compliment the immersive experiences. We are expanding our destinations throughout the summer. Stay tuned for more amazing locations to come!


Stackt Market


The Bentway

The Corleck Building

our team

Here are the Amazing women behind the mission of WhatMATRS. Feel free to reach out with an inquiry, they will be glad to assist you!

Managing Partner

Cassie Drake

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Reem Halawi

Outreach and Agency Coordinator

Nadia Huaco

Helping Our People Community Projects
(438) 989-5110

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