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The heart of the programming isn’t about what we offer, but how we are able to bring the inner star out each person. Our goal for each program is to inspire, uplift and induce hope, showing them that they can accomplish any goal, passion or dream that they put their mind and heart into. Our workshops focus on the inner self, helping the individual flourish through tasks and activities provided; leaving the person with an enlightened feeling of self-discovery and confidence.



a truly hands on marketing experience

This course is designed to empower youth in the Digital Media Marketing Realm and teach its importance in today’s world. We have researched and explored various platforms to help participants easily understand basics of social media marketing and its related strategies. This course is curated to educate on how to effectively use the content for promoting the business. Today social media marketing is high in demand, as all business participants are using digital platforms to promote their business and brands.

632D5D (2)

I learned the power of data analytics to understand what type of content and times are best to reach your target audience. Shazard provided a clear and concise presentation going through where to find and read data statistics on social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. This workshop allowed me to gain a better understanding of what are the most popular times to post for sharing specific content and how to maximize audience reach by using links, tags and keywords. Shazard's social media advice was very practical and will greatly benefit me in my professional life.

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